Friday, August 8, 2008

Salade Tricolore

I’ve been reading Vegetable Harvest by Patricia Wells and wanting to make every recipe I’ve seen so far. These are simple recipes that require perfect ingredients at their peak. For my first selection, I prepared salade tricolore with creamy lemon-chive dressing. I collected arugula at the farmers’ market, and the radicchio and endive came from the grocery store. This combination of greens is classic, but the creamy lemon-chive dressing gave the salad an interesting twist.
Although it is a creamy dressing, it’s not heavy at all. The lemon and chives point up the flavors. Also, by adding a little dressing at a time as you mix the leaves together, you can prevent the salad from becoming sodden. The peppery greens with the smooth, fresh veil of the dressing were just right together.


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