Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grits, Cheese, Corn, and Onion Souffles

Last weekend, I tried a few new and different dishes, and all of them had one thing in common. Everything I prepared was incredibly simple and shockingly good given the scant active time involved. Souffles, so dramatic in appearance but simple to create, clearly fit this description. This recipe from Bon Appetit’s June issue was the main dish of our Sunday brunch.

After making corn cream and macque choux the night before, I had some remaining fresh corn. It just seemed like a perfect fit to include it in the grits souffl├ęs. And, it was. The airy egg texture was contrasted by a fresh burst of corn. I didn’t have any leeks, but the 3/4 c yellow onion plus green onions provided enough flavor from the allium family. The pepper Monterey Jack was a nice addition, and more heat from fresh jalapenos would be a consideration in the future. I garnished the finished souffl├ęs with chopped cilantro.

When dishes require a lot of chopping, marinating, blanching, basting, waiting, mixing, turning, slicing, etc., you feel like you really earned the right to a delicious meal. As you gladly get to finally sit and taste, you think, yes, this was worth all of that. Last weekend, I felt almost guilty that I wasn’t even a little fatigued after preparing these meals. It was like some magic happened that made amazing meals come out of nowhere. I sat, ate, and was delighted to enjoy really great, nearly effortless food.


  1. Wow Your souffle looks great, high and fluffy, I never baked one that works so well as yours I bookmarked the recipe. Nice blog !!!

  2. Your souffle looks so good! I've always been intimidated by souffles. . .

  3. Look delicious! I love souffle, but have never attempted it myself. I am going to try your recipe.

  4. It's so wonderful when something simple can be so satisfying. These souffles look delicious and they look like they would have been difficult. Nice to know they're not.

  5. Wonderful picture. Love your blog! I love the souffle. I will have to give it a try. I've never done one, but you make it look super easy!

    Joe @ cookingquest

  6. I need help. My husband is from Georgia and grew up on grits. Now he's very ill and he keeps asking for them. I made quick grits but he says it's not the same as the longer cook type.
    Can anyone tell me where to buy slow cook grits?
    We live in Calif and I've phoned every super market here to no avail. I'm thinking markets in the South probably carries them but don't know the name of any markets there.
    Ideas anyone?
    Thank you Cari

  7. Cari: You could order grits online here: http://lisaiscooking.blogspot.com/2008/07/grits-cheese-corn-and-onion-souffles.html

    Good luck!


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