Monday, July 14, 2008

World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Yes, I too read the David Leite article in The NY Times, and of course had to test the recipe. Then, today, I read on The Motley Fool that in these troubling economic times we need comfort food, and that’s why this was the most emailed article from that day. I wasn’t really pondering the state of the stock market when I decided to bake these cookies, but maybe it was a subliminal influence. I know I was thinking that these had to be better than the vegan cookie I bought with my lunch last Thursday. There’s nothing wrong with a vegan cookie in general, and maybe that one just wasn’t the best of the batch, but sometimes a classic is in order.
I followed the Jacques Torres recipe. But, if you would prefer to stick to your favorite recipe, the most important tips here are chilling the dough for 36 hours and using excellent chocolate disks instead of chips. I used Colombian chocolate disks with 65% cacao. A third intriguing tip is sprinkling the shaped cookie dough with sea salt just before placing in the oven. Since I’m a freak for sweets accented by sea salt, of course I did that as well.
Result? Kurt is the chocolate chip cookie connoisseur in our house, so the judgment was up to him. Being the logical sort, he felt that to make an adequate decision he needed to compare samples of all his favorite chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. That didn’t happen, so his best guess was this was one of the finest he’s had. Definitely very good. Highly recommended. Those chocolate disks or feves are a bit pricier than standard chocolate chips, but they make for a wonderful cookie.


  1. They look lovely! I'm on the hunt for chocolate discs so I can try them. :-)

  2. Ooooh those look delicious! I've never heard of chocolate discs before. Can I get them mail order? Hmmm... must google!

  3. Thanks! If you have a Whole Foods, they have them. They're with the bulk-type chocolate usually near the cheese section.

    Also, here's one online source:

  4. I've also made them! They're very good really!


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