Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seared Salmon with Tatsoi and Persimmons

Have I mentioned the greens I’ve been cooking? I have. More than once? Well, then, I’ll just mention one more meal involving them this week. Thankfully they’re delicious in addition to being healthy, and they have inspired some creativity in my kitchen. Supplied with a big bag of cute and peppery tatsoi leaves, I had a couple of ideas. I thought they would make a good side for a simply seared salmon fillet, and I imagined some sweet persimmon slices would provide a nice flavor and color contrast. Then, I decided to make things just a tad more complicated.

In my head, I pictured the salmon fillet resting atop a thick sauce with a light and leafy composition on top with a garnish of persimmon slices. So, I thought back to a recent experience with broccoli rabe pesto, and decided to try a tatsoi, pecan pesto minus the cheese. To start, I blanched about four cups of the tatsoi leaves by placing them in a sieve, lowering the sieve into boiling water for one minute, and then moving it immediately into a bowl of ice water. The leaves were then squeezed to remove as much water as possible. Blanched leaves were placed in the blender with about a half cup of pecans, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and half a cup of olive oil. This was pureed and seasoned with salt and pepper. I left the bowl near the stove for it to keep warm while the salmon was prepared.

Wild Coho salmon fillets were seasoned and quickly cooked on the stovetop. I made a lemon and rice vinegar vinaigrette with shallots and dijon, and tossed a handful or two of fresh tatsoi leaves in it. I also cut some daikon into matchsticks and tossed them in the vinaigrette with the tatsoi. The tatsoi puree was pooled onto the center of the plate and received the salmon. The leaf and daikon combination was set onto the salmon, and then, persimmon slices found their place.

This was one of the quickest meals I’ve prepared lately. I kept looking around the kitchen thinking I’d forgotten something. It was a somewhat light and very nice meal. The vinaigrette and the oil in the puree added just enough richness to the greens. The blanched, pureed greens had less pepperiness than the fresh leaves which made for a good balance. And, the persimmons brightened up the plate literally and figuratively. Their flavor was outstanding with the salmon, and all the components together behaved exactly as I’d hoped. The daikon added nice crunch but wasn’t entirely necessary. If I were to make this again and couldn’t get tatsoi, arugula would work very well.


  1. This looks really good. The pureed tatsoi leaves sounds delicious, and marrying the whole thing with persimmons - persimmons and salmon sounds like a great combination.

  2. beautiful! i haven't done a savory dish with persimmons yet. it looks lovely!

  3. WOW this is a beautiful dish beautifully presented....I dont even like persimmons and I want to pucker up and taste one....

  4. lisa,
    I recently tried a persimmon for the first time. Very different.
    I like your salmon dish!
    I made salmon tonight too!

  5. I'm in love with seared salmon - and this is seared salmon done RIGHT!


  6. very nice food presentation. The leaves add colour, asthetics and taste to this great dish :D

  7. Beautiful Lisa! I love all the greens you've been using. I have a total addiction to persimmons. I've been buying them 7 at a time, and they only last for about 2 days before I'm through them. Maybe someday I'll have enough self-control to save a few and actually cook with them!

  8. looks gorgeous! I've never tried cooking anything with tatsoi for the simple reason that they don't sell it here. But I can imagine how good it is in a pesto and how well it'd go with fish.
    I think I'll give your broccoly pesto a go this weekend :)

  9. Wowww...Persimmons and salmon can be a great combination. A couple weeks ago we were at a persimmon farm (because I just love persimmons)and got 10-12 lbs persimmons. I was trying to come up with ideas on how I could integrate them in my cooking, but couldn't come up with anything that was appealing. So we ended up finishing them raw as a fruit which was great anyway. Next time, I'll keep this recipe in mind.

  10. Lisa...
    Your recipes and photos are lovely and clearly delicious! Hope our other CSA members enjoy them as much as I do! -Jeff, Hands of the Earth Farm.


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