Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Brie-Filled Mini Seaweed Scones

I’m trying to recall how I was first introduced to the cooking of Chef Michel Roux. I’ve owned his book Eggs for over ten years, and I believe it came to my attention by way of a Martha Stewart tv show. I remember learning of a lot of cookbooks from her shows. I’ve always loved that book for the attention to detail with each of the classic egg recipes, and the care taken with the techniques is evident in the photos of the finished dishes. Needless to say, I was excited to read a review copy of Michel Roux’s latest book Cheese: The essential guide to cooking with cheese, over 100 recipes. Once again, there are classic dishes that are beautifully presented, and a few intriguing recipes as well. The chapters include Canapes, Soups, Starters and Snacks, Salads, Fish and Shellfish, Meat Poultry and Game, Rice Pasta and Bread, Vegetables, Great Classics, and Desserts, and before getting into the recipes some basic information on types of cheeses and classifications is listed. I was glad to learn about Crique which is a crisp, layered shredded potato cake with Picodon goat cheese in the middle and on top. And, I’d never seen a Pain d’Epices and Cheese Millefeuille. The pain d’epice is sliced horizontally into several very thin slices, and each is spread with a Fourme d’Ambert and butter mixture before the slices are reassembled layer by layer. Here, a fabulous take on Caesar Salad is served with anchovy fillets wrapped around toasted bread batons, and smoked duck breast takes the place of more typical grilled chicken. The Filo Tart with Mediterranean Vegetables and Goat’s Cheese looks like the flakiest, loveliest vegetable tart ever made, and the Parmesan and Fontina Flan would be an incredible accompaniment to ripe, summer tomatoes. But when I came upon the Brie-Filled Mini Seaweed Scones, I had to start there. I’m an admitted scone-aholic, and when I see something new and different in the form of a scone I have to try it. 

So, no, I had never made scones with seaweed in them, and I’d never made mini scones that were sliced open and filled with brie. The making of the scone dough itself was the same process as usual. Flour was mixed with baking powder and salt, and butter was worked into the flour mixture before cream was added. But this time, rinsed and chopped dulse was added with the cream. The dough was patted into a thick disk before being cut into mini, round scones. The scones were brushed with egg wash, and I sprinkled the tops with salt and pepper before baking. After cooling, they were cut about three-quarters of the way through and filled with pieces of brie. My choice for the cheese was a goat brie. 

With this new book, I continue to be a fan of Michel Roux and the depth of experience that comes through in his recipes. These little scones were as fun as they were rich and delicious. They went well alongside a plate of salad. Next, I’d like to spend some time in the Desserts chapter with a certain Coffee and Mascarpone Creme Brulee. 

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  1. I've never had scones made with seaweed! Sounds like a fun idea, though. Love the idea of slicing these open and filling them with brie -- they look terrific. And I'll bet they taste wonderful. Thanks!

  2. I love to add seaweed in my baked goods too. These scones are beautifully risen and flaky!

  3. Your scones are beautiful and perfect, and that combination is really interesting.



  4. Scones with brie! Wonderful...

    as to the seaweed, it's one of the rare ingredients I have issues with - I do eat sushi, but when the seaweed is outside, I somehow cannot enjoy it that much. I bet in the scones it would be ok - I love the look it gave them, and I suppose the taste is mild enough I could go for

  5. i can count the number of times i've eaten seaweed on one finger. that said, these look really tempting!!

  6. When I was with my sisters this summer they were eating dried seaweed by the handfuls! I started snacking right along with them. Love the idea of baking with it---and with brie?? I know I'd love these unusual scones!


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