Monday, December 29, 2008

Rum Raisin Pie

One last quick post for 2008:

The end to our Christmas feast was rum raisin pie. This pie had piqued my interest back when I first got my copy of Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, and I was glad to finally give it a try. A blind baked crust receives a scattering of golden raisins before the rum-laced custard is poured into it. It’s baked until set, allowed to cool, and then chilled before serving.

The custard was smooth and nicely flavored by dark rum. The plump raisins were chewy and delicious, and I would add more of them next time. Lightly sweetened whipped cream further gilded an already lovely dessert, and no one complained about it. In fact, there were no complaints about this dessert at all. On a day full of feasting, when dessert is still enjoyed, it must be a good one.

Happy 2009!


  1. I haven't had rum raisin pie in yrs.
    Yours came out beautiful!
    It's breakfast time and I would like a piece, please!

  2. if i'm gonna eat raisins, they've gotta be golden. shrouding them in rum-flavored custard is even better. :)

  3. two thumbs up from me!!!


  4. That looks like the most unique yummy pies that I have seen in a while. You can bet I am going to try it!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy New Year.

  5. This is going in my 2 try list for hubby he loves his custard! Great looking pie, Lisa...

  6. first time here...n must say u got some real good treasures.. :)


  7. baking pies is something I wanna try in 2009 ... yours is great inspiration! :)


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