Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Robb Walsh, What Are You Reading?

Texas food writer Robb Walsh’s career has included being the restaurant critic for the Houston Press, a food columnist for Natural History Magazine, a radio commentator for National Public Radio, and a contributor to many food publications and other newspapers. Without him, we wouldn’t have our annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival which he founded in 1991. He wrote Are You Really Going to Eat That?, Legends of Texas Barbecue, and Sex, Death, and Oysters to name just a few. I’ve mentioned his book Nuevo Tex-Mex a few times in the past, and it's a favorite of mine. His new book is The Tex-Mex Grill which is a follow-up to his Tex-Mex Cookbook. He also posts interesting news and insights about Texas Eats on his blog. I recently asked, what are you reading?

I'm reading a novel titled Oyster by John Biguenet. Its about the decline of the Louisiana oyster business back in the 1950s and a proud oyster fishing family trying to stay afloat.

The book provides a lot of insight into the problems that the Gulf seafood business faces with the closing of oyster reefs and fishing grounds due to the oil spill.

Sadly there aren't a lot of oysters available to cook right now.

Thank you for participating, Robb! Check back to see who answers the question next time and what other books are recommended.

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  1. Surely very interesting! I own Robb walsh's Tex-Mex Cookbook and I love it!



  2. Thanks for introducing another interesting author.
    I made the pickled cherries yesterday (using my imagination and a little google search) and have already started eating them. They are great.

  3. Thanks, Lisa, for introducing another interesting book from Robb Walsh.


  4. I love him- and am just sick of the thought of all the businesses that will go under down there...

  5. A very timely read if there ever was one! Let's hope local oysters don't end up on the endangered list because of the BP blunder.


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